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Uncategorized Tips

  • Stepup is on by default. This can be changed in the controls under the category “StepUp” which will toggle between the Vanilla auto-jump, stepup, and off.

Survival Tips

  • Poison doesn’t kill you

    • Be careful of fall damage if you only have ½ heart though

    • You will get poison if you go outside when its raining

  • Your player will sink slightly into the ash. This means sneaking over pools of lava will cause you to catch fire. Similarly, in acid pools you will take damage.

  • Rocks can be thrown with right click and used as a primitive long range weapon against fairies

    • Roots 2 Fairies = Roots 2 fairy dust

    • Biomes O’ Plenty Pixies = Botania pixie dust

    • Astral Sorcery Sparks = Botania spark

  • Nutrition food tips

    • Carbs

      • Baguettes can be crafted with 3 wheat

      • Ground wheat can be made from 1 wheat, a rock, and a stone basin (not consumed), then smelted into bread

    • Fat

      • Cookies are cheap and provide fat and carbs

      • Zombie flesh can be dried into dry jerky or cooked into flesh

      • Onion rings are made by cooking an onion in a furnace

    • Protein

      • Piles of fish from strainers
    • Vitamin

      • Rush seeds can be eaten even at full hunger

Quality of Life Tips

  • Incase you don’t have another hatchet/axe, you can get Planks/Sticks from the Chopping Block at a lower chance if you use your hands

  • Don’t throw Ash away, you will need lots of it later. Compact 4 ash into a block for storage

  • Ash blocks can be used as a fuel for smelting, saving on wood and by extension, charcoal

    • Ash blocks can also be used as a fuel for smelting, saving on wood and by extension, charcoal
  • Press “K” while hovering over items to compress them (like Ash to Ash Blocks)

    • Without a crafting table with a gui, this will be limited to 2x2 recipes.
  • Vanilla Immersion Crafting Table

    • You can drag on the Vanilla Immersion Crafting Table to spread items

    • Shift and drag to split stacks evenly

    • Shift left click output to craft as many as it can instead of 1

    • The Vanilla Immersion crafting tables have JEI support, click the “question mark” icon to bring up the interface.

  • You don’t need an empty hand to “dig” through blocks

  • The strainer base can be used as a chest by throwing items on top to insert them, useful for items like seeds which are difficult to stack in the immersive chest

  • Immersive Craft shelves are probably the cheapest storage option only requiring 7 wooden slabs. They hold as much as an IC chest or cupboard, but don’t need trapdoors. The shelves also do not have a lid.

  • Water from Magneticraft sluice boxes can be chained together, saving on precious water.

  • Vanilla Concrete is fast to walk on.

Exploration Tips

  • Ideally, you want to find a flat space with nearby access to water to settle down in.

  • Before leaving spawn, right click the waystone to active it

    • Waystones can be renamed by shift right clicking them

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  • There are 2 different structures you can come across in the world. A small Botania area which you will need eventually. But, the major benefits come in the form of loot, specifically the Astral Sorcery conversion and formation wand, and the horn of the canopy. With the conversion wand, you can select something such as dead saplings (throw ash into elven portal for more saplings) (edit: broken in current version of AS as it does not differentiate between meta data values of blocks.) which allows you to instantly mine a large area of blocks. In conjunction with the horn of the canopy, this makes tree farming very quick and easy.

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  • The other structure is a small Roots 2 setup. No major loot like the botania area. Both structures should also have a waystone (which you can mine), allowing easy teleport access.

  • There are also other Botania Portals out there for more Guilty Mana Pools.

Progression Tips

  • After making a strainer, the Bane of X tools are very useful and unbreakable

    • The Bane of Cobble lets you mine cobblestone directly from a cobblestone generator instead of getting rocks

      • Does not have to be an actually cobblestone generator. A cobble with lava and water adjacent to it is all it checks for
    • The Bane of Leaves acts as a mega shear

    • The Bane of Trees is a quick lumber axe

  • The Foundry quest needs 17 copper ingots (153 copper rocks, ~2½ stacks), which can feel like a lot in the early game. It’s best to start automating the strainers as soon as you can

    • Make 2 extra ingots for the saw you’ll need to make stone slabs
  • Quests with a fancy border indicate the quests needed for progression while those with a plain square outline are generally not required [pic]

Automation Tips

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  • Strainers are most effective when adjacent to a source block flowing into itself (+10%)

  • Strainers lose significant efficiency (-15%) when placing them within a 1 block radius (including diagonals) of another strainer

    • Only horizontally, strainers do not check for other strainers vertically
  • Gravity feed pipes act as a super fast extraction pipe that only works when placed on the underside of a block. Perfect for pulling products out of a strainer without needing a clunky redstone engine + lever powering a wooden extraction pipe.

[Talk about the automation possible with hoppers for refilling the filters, as well as filling a chest’s slots with 1-5 items (1 item per slot so the hopper has to send it to the next hopper) so as to make a poor-man’s sorting system]

  • When setting up the auto sifter (Ex Nihilo Creatia), build the axles and water wheels off of the sifter, because placement matters and it won’t work if the wheels/axles are turned the wrong way.


  • Adobe drying is quite slow, its best to make a few brick form molds

  • Most nugget-ingot-block conversion is disabled, so keep that in mind when casting metals

    • For example, iron nuggets for vanilla chests
  • Copper ore rock is the only ore rock that can be directly smelted in a furnace for copper nuggets

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  • After getting access to iron, the Magneticraft shelving unit acts as a poor man’s centralized inventory. It needs to be filled with chests (up to 24 split across 3 layers, 8 chests per layer). Clicking anywhere on a layer will let you see the contents of all 8 chests in that layer, and let you switch the view to another layer

  • The Terraqueous CraftBench and CraftFurnace act as upgraded versions of their respective blocks

    • The CraftBench has a 27 slot inventory, and can autocraft faster than the BC Factory Auto Workbench (depends on the extraction pipe speed)

    • The CraftFurnace has a 6 stack input and output buffer, 3 slots for fuel, and smelts 2 items at a time. It is also more fuel efficient and saves progress if you run out of fuel during smelting.

Magical Life

Uncategorized Tips

  • Rock bees will need the Normal humidity and temperature of the Underground dimension, while the Hot and Wet bees do not carry the Cave Dweller gene. You will most likely need to crossbreed many Hot and Wet bees to get a pure Rock princess and drone. When a species mutation occurs, the bee’s traits will be set to the species’ defaults. Since Hot+Wet has a 50% chance to mutate to Rock, there is a 25% chance that a Rock bee will be usable.

Resource Automation

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Progression Tips

  • The hovering hourglass quest requires you to complete the botania structure quest in Magical Life

  • When travelling to Exoria Underground, make sure to bring torches. The portal spawns in complete darkness so try to light the area up before the grue kills you.

  • Adding Silk Touch (2 slime blocks, 2 wool, 4 emerald, and a brick) to a Flexible tool allows you to get 4 cinis clay per block, so you only need to find 9 blocks for a coke oven.

Power up

Uncategorized Tips

  • Magneticraft power will convert to RF

Tech Progression

Uncategorized Tips

Researching the stars

General Astral Sorcery tips and tricks (Mischief of Mice Bit by Bit, and Guide)

SevTech’s astral Sorcery tips and tricks

Uncategorized Tips

Take the long way home

Note: Please, no spoilers on the end.


Uncategorized Tips

Creative Tips

You can use the creative command to complete quests in case a bug is blocking you. Hover your mouse over the quest and hold shift to see the quest_id, then run the following command

/bq_admin complete (quest_id)